Pablo has always been attracted by the magic of movie making; the timeless stories saved forever in the silvery frames of 35mm film; the warm darkness of the theatres, and the excitement of not knowing where the journey will end. After High School, and with his inner child living in the silver screen, Pablo Fernandez Eyre applied and was accepted to Universidad Ramon Lluill where he obtained his Bachelor degree in Audiovisual Communication as well as his Masters in Production.


While at the university he worked in different companies such as: CineMagazine and Mediatres Estudio; where he gained extraordinary experience both in the production and post-production departments. But this was just the beginning. In January of 2005, Pablo packed his bags and flew to Los Angeles to attend UCLA’s film program. Here he would learn from the very best in the business, and gain priceless experience at some of Hollywood's most important industry names: Fox, Sony, DirecTV, Time Warner...


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